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Programming tokens on a Saeco 200 coin vending machine.


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Hey everyone, first off I'd like to say what an awesome forum and community for like-minded people.


I have a bulk lot of Saeco SG200's (seem to be very popular on here) with a normal coin operating mechanism for vending.  I have a client that requires the use of fictitious coins/tokens for his restaurant operation.  I have the tokens but how do I program my machine or coin operating system to allow them?


Does the coin mechanism operate by weight or size?


Any help would be really appreciated.



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You must take your coin mech to an authorized repair center along with a supply of the tokens so they can reprogram the coin mech to recognize the token and assign a specific value to it.  This can get tricky if you have varying prices in your machine.  The toke has to be assigned a value - it can't just "set a credit".  If all your selections are priced the same then the token can be programmed to be worth that value and anytime one is dropped in, that specific value will be displayed on the door.

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