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Coinco 9300 Problem


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I have a Coinco 9300-L that is giving me fits. I tested the unit in an AP6000 which works perfectly with a TRC6000 so I know the problem is with the Coinco unit. The coin mech will give a credit for change, but the change just passes right through it to the overflow box. Also, if I manually add change to the tubes, it will not give change, for example if the credit is 1.10 and the item costs 1.00. The machine will vend the item, but then it eats the remaining credit. Also, it makes no sound when I push the change return button.


The unit is an ebay special my neighbor sold me cheap because he ordered the wrong one. It has a sticker from HRI Vending saying it was rebuilt in 05-2014 which is hard to believe. The unit is clean so they did clean it, but I don't think they tested it.


Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong? The AP machine specifically states that this unit will work in the machine.


P.S. The unit is stamped Nov. 21, 1989 so it is quite old, and it does not have the 25, 10, and 5 buttons to force it to give change. In their place are just fake buttons that appear to just be hole covers.


Any help is appreciated.



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The 9300L will work fine in your machine and it's age is not an issue. The problem you're describing is a bad coin mech that must be repaired. You're right that this is what you often get from fleabay - a cleaning, maybe a quick coin test, and sell it. I can exchange this unit for you if needed and I'll ship you a factory rebuilt coin mech.

Send me a PM if you need one shipped.

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