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Chupa Chups


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No, we're not ready to undertake manufacturing and selling the machines. We're bringing the lollipops in at 1,000 per box.. The cost is $.10 each. We discovered that we have a growing amount of customers who purchased these machines. Actually, this merely a service to our customers, as opposed to expecting a huge profit.

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I had to agree until I started to get more and more calls about getting the pops. To be honest, I looked at the machines online and at some pdfs from customers who purchased the machines at auctions, etc.. So, I don't know a great about them. I can say that it isn't feasible for us to get in to the machines, but we are more than happy to sell the pops.


Supply / Demand; that's one of our mottos.

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put one next to a soda machine.

with a sign saying,

Have a pop with your pop


wish they had machines for the big 1 inch pops

I have a deal to get them by the pallet if I need them.

for like 16 cents each.

24 flavors too.

Have you seen those new pizza vendors?

hot and fresh pizza in 3 minutes.

but the got you on the supplys for the machines,

which are specially formulated to work in their machines.

if they fail, you are stuck with a 25 grand paperweight.

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The older chupa machine is no longer made. It was dist by beaver but not made by them. Beaver did make the mech and triton stand. We used to buy them from beaver around 350 stand and machine. It was gravity feed and a pain in the butt to load. But great sales even at. .50. We lost the malls we had them in and sold the machines on eBay for 250. The AA pop price is right in line back then we paid .06 each but had to freight from Canada. The newer chupa is the retriever took years to design but not sure if they still make them or not.

Who remembers zippers? Operators either loved them or hated them no in between. We did ok with them.

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