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First Few Collections


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I have 5-1800 triples and I am on my third collection.  I opened up one of the machines and there was 57.00 in it and the low for the route was 16.50 with an average of 29.00.  This is in one month.  Where am I as far as averages for these machines.  Hopefully I am doing well.  I am not sure what you normally do but I felt like i hit pay dirt.  Maybe you lose this feeling as you get more machines and see this all the time but for now, it's awesome.

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$57 in one month is good.

$16.50 is bad.

The $29 average is not bad but you can do something about it to make it better.


If these machines are new to the locations, sales will dip after the first few months.

It's normal that people will eventually use them less often as the novelty of having your candy machine wears off.


However, keep trying different products and rotate regularly.

This helps keep customers in that $57 location interested in your machine.

And you can raise earnings in the $16.50 location by finding out what products work better in there.


If you find no combination of products you regularly stock is getting that $16.50 location closer to your $29 average, then find a new home for that triple.


Good luck.

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For me, anything under $12/month isn't worth messing with.  


$12-$17 is fair.  Nothing to write home about.  You don't want too many of them, but a good "route-filler".  If you have a 7 minute drive between two stops and can find two more $13/month locations right on your route between the two, they're worth holding onto IMO.  The thing about candy is ya never know when the next employee, suite owner in a complex, etc. will come along and bump it to $25/month.  ONE junkie can turn a below average spot into an above average spot.  

$17-$30 is average.  The standard for me is $25 a month.  That's the number I try to stay north of.

$30-$50 is above average.  These are the very best locations a bulk candy guy can find IMO.  Anything north of $50 it's really when - not if - a full line guy swoops in and offers commission.  


$50+ Awesome!  Enjoy it while it lasts!  


These are just averages for my area of the country.  I'm sure it's subjective and your mileage may vary. 

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I have one candy location and it does $300 on average every 5 weeks out of 3 heads.



I just bought a route with a location that crushed my previous best.  It's a Jr. Giant with jawbreakers and the first pull was $347.50 for four weeks.  That's a keeper!  



This thread is about to become a "My bouncy balls are bigger than your bouncy balls" contest.  disputgay.gif

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