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Sweepstakes vending machine with cash prizes. Big money maker.


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Hey everyone.


 Just want to show our sweepstakes machines to the vendiscuss community. It sells real products and then lets the customer play in a promotional sweepstakes to win cash prizes. This isn't your basic 8liner old school nintendo graphics. This has state of the art software with 16 different 3d games to choose from. It KILLS in laundromats. Some of our locations are averaging 4k a machine in laundromats. Not so dramatic in bars, convenience stores but still 1-2k average profit on our routes. 


The way it works that makes it legal in most states is the fact that it sells you real products, does not have a random number generator which means all prizes are pre determined, and anyone can participate in the sweepstakes for free by simply filling in a form on the screen for a free entry. 


The software keeps track of every dollar denomination inserted as well as what time. All prizes paid out totals and what time they were paid out so no accounting errors or disputes with business owners on your routes. Also online access to the machine so you can log on and see how much money the machine has made that day, week, etc..


Here's a video showing the graphics on one of the 16 games 


www.sweepstakesbox.com for more info. 

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Different states have different laws. I know Florida, New York and Georgia banned sweepstakes due to the Internet cafes that were literally everywhere. As far as Alabama you'd have to check with your attorney on sweepstakes laws there because I'm not familiar with them. Many states do however still do allow sweepstakes. Frowned upon but legal lol. Some states crane machines are illegal

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