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LED bulb replacement


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Matthew, depending on which bulb you bought, you may need to also add a replacement starter type piece th at would have come with the bulb. I have bought both types. The ones I bought from Vendors a Exchange came with the adaptor. The ones I bought on Amazon did not. Just put the bulb and turn on. Silly question but is the bulb a 110v bulb or something else?

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The last AMS I put LEDs in did not have a starter.


If you do not have a starter that means you have a rapid start type ballast.


While the instructions do not say so I think rapid start ballasts can damage some brands of LEDs.


I removed the ballasts from the AMS machine I did it worked great.


I found the ballast in the main cabinet on the right side about 24 inches above the floor behind a panel.


The first thing I would do is test your LEDs make sure they still work before rewire your machine.



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