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My first delivered snack order via Vistar


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Just got my first delivered order via Vistar yesterday.  Definitely the way to go if you can do the minimum order ($750).  Only $14 for delivery and their prices beat or match my local Costco with way many more options.  Their facility is an hour away, one-way, so not feasible for me.


It was so nice going out to my garage this morning and being able to justs pull items and realize it would have been 4-5 trips to Costco.  New items I was able to get:


Pop-tarts in vending format.

Kar's nuts, spicey, sweet, sunflower kernals etc..  


TGIFriday's Chips. 

Chex Mix

Gardettos Mix

Jack-links jerky products.

2.0 oz fruity snacks that Costco discontinued.

Grandma's cookies for $.026 vs 0.39 at Cash&Carry.  I sell a ton of these.


Also, all the stuff has expiration dates I think I can beat- May into next year.  You have to watch that at Cash&Carry in my experience.


I did have one hangup.  I guess they were out of one item and it dropped my order total to like $746 so the driver tried to collect a $50 delivery fee. I just called customer service and they took care of it over the phone.

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