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New Acrylic Mint and candy boxes


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Anyone here buy those acrylic mint boxes from Sheridan?  Remember the ones with the slanted top that were made so much better than the flimsy current boxes that are offered?


I've been working on getting that type of box made and I've got it.  So, it is more expensive but you don't have to worry about joints coming apart or the door falling off or the sides cracking.  (All problems I've had with the latest "boxy" version.)   If this new slant type box is $33 each shipped to the contiguous USA - would you buy them?


This box is made in the USA


If there's more people than I think there are that would want them, then I could get that price knocked down a bit.  I'm figuring that price on about 100 boxes - me getting 20 of them.  I don't make a profit on that price by the way.


For those who are using the cardboard containers, remember that these do not wear out.  And they look 100x more professional.  I think it's easier to place these because they look so nice.


If you're interested PM me and we'll get organized.  By the way I do labels that fit around the money part of the box.  They cover the money portion so the money is not so visible and they allow you room to place your business name, etc.  I would design with your company info and send you the files for printing if you jump in on these.   


I would say a minimum of 8 would be needed. 

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I might get in on this once we get our tax returns. I currently have the plastic cardboard boxes. They're good to get started with, but they'll eventually need to get replaced, especially the ones from the more frequented locations. Two of mine are already in the trash.

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