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New location this week!


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I got a flat tire Thursday. And there's an auto body place right next to my building that I've never been in (luckily I haven't needed body work in some time now). I called them to see if they could repair or replace my tire, which saved me calling and waiting for a tow somewhere else, and sure enough they could. They repaired my tire for $30 in maybe 10 minutes. Awesome.

But while I'm sitting in this tiny waiting room for my tire, I'm looking right at an empty, yellowing double head vending machine made out of plastic--covered in dust. I asked the lady at the front desk if they owned the machine.

I didn't see him standing there, but the owner walks out and said no, and that some guy used to come around affiliated with some charity once in a while, but he hadn't been back "for years."

I can't imagine leaving an empty machine sit in your business for years, but there it was.

I told him I literally live next door and managing gumball and bulk candy machines is my day job, and I'd be happy to bring in a nice, new, colorful spiral gumball machine for the lobby.

And he said that sounded like a great idea! I carried the machine into their lobby last night.

Couldn't have been easier or a nicer experience.

I've read about other people having luck with this but have never had the opportunity to do it myself.


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