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vendo v 125 coke machine help!


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Hello all, I am in need of help!!! What i have is a Vendo V 125  coke machine with a coinco s75-9800b changer. when i plug this machine in the only thing it does it turn on the compressor and chills the product. if you add coins it goes straight to the change bucket. for a while it would take coins and try to vend cans. It never will successfully vend a can. I have manually cycled the motor/ what i would think is the lift bar and that whole mechanism and it doesn't seem that the bars move enough to allow a can to vend. so in part i think there is 2 issues. the first being the coin mechanism never telling the machine that its "ready to vend"  the lights never come on and yes there is product in the bins and is not out of soda. and second the bars not moving far enough to allow it to vend. I have the coinco out and have visually looked at the components and everything appears to be in check and free i have not metered the transformer or coils  I don't see much else electronically that can go wrong other than switches  or this changer.  I have zero experience with vending machines but know electronics fairly well. 


So where or what do i do? 


any help would be appreciated!!!

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Welcome to the forum. You have a very old and obsolete machine and in my opinion you should junk it and get one that is more current and dependable. It sounds like you have a lowering shelf machine and there are no parts available for them. There may be nothing wrong with your coin mech but putting a good working one in would be the first step to rule out the coin mech. You could actually have more than one issue. The S75 itself is also obsolete though I have a couple of good ones still in stock.


I'm not sure exactly what model you have as I can't locate a manual that mentions the V125.  If you could post the entire model number off the serial number plate and/or a photo of the vending rack when the motor cover is removed then I could help you better figure this out. 

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awesome thanks for a quick response, This machine was bought off craigslist to replace a machine that coke serviced. the local coke place moved out of town making stocking and keeping their machine going impossible. so the Fire department that this coke machine belongs to got it off craigslist so we could stock what we wanted. I understand its obsolete and i dont remember which number is what but i wrote both down 





I don't mind to make this thing a dinosaur as long as it takes 50 cents and gives out a beverage haha i don't mind to cut,fabricate,or redesign something 


I would agree with the coin mech being ok, if i take what i would say the change handler off the top and drop a quarter in it does go to the appropriate slot. but once you plug it in and put it back together non of the lights come on and it rejects coins. The can drop does operate if you activate its relay manually. and does a complete cycle. but the round gate and its locking solenoids do not operate. so where could i get a replacement coin mech that will work either coinco or i have read that there are mars? 


Finally i notice that it is rejecting coins/ not dispensing because the ready to vend light is not coming on. i would assume that somewhere the machine is off cycle or a switch/circuit open.  with that the only brain part i can find is the coin mech and it goes to a box with 2 relays in it and the rest of the wires go to the selection panel and the beverage handling area. 


I would like to junk it and buy a newer machine but we simply don't have the money. if we could get this one to work for a while we could save and replace it later.


I will go to the station and get pictures and then return to get them on here. 

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