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Vendo 601 Double Vending


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This issue is usually a sticky motor brake but it could also be a faulty motor switch or a bent gage bar.  If your machine is single price then there are two switches on each motor.  If it's multiprice then there is one switch on each motor.  The brake is the nylon hook and it's lever that lock against the armature in the motor when power is removed. 


The brake pivots under the screws that hold the motor magnet to the frame of the motor.  If that pivot point is gummed up the brake won't react fast enough to stop a second vend.  Tap on the metal lever that hugs the magnet and it should move as if it's too loose.  If it moves sluggishly then spray the pivot with glass cleaner and work the brake lever a bunch of times to get the liquid into the joint.  Also check that there is still a hook at the end of the nylon part that stops the armature.  If the tip of it is broken off then you need a new motor. 


If the problem is a sticky and slow switch reaction then you need to replace the switch(s). 


If all is good with the motor then you need to check the gage bar.  It's the bar under the rotor that the cans lay against.  Since this is three deep you might be losing the middle can after the front one vends because the gage bar is warped.  Vend the front can and then see if the middle one just falls out or if you can EASILY pull it out (you shouldn't be able to).  You can remove the clip holding the bar and remove it (catch the cans still on it).  Turn it upside down and sight down it.  There will be a noticeable warp if one is there. 


PM me if you need any parts for this.

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