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Help needed with "Gold Digger"


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hello all, found this forum while searching for info. guess ill just jump in, me and my wife purchased a "gold digger" machine as a family use machine/piggy bank. neither of us have any experience with arcade games or vending machines. we got it in a non functional state. it dose power up and somewhat responds but i can not get it to move. its showing what i was told are error codes #5 and #7. we have looked all over the machine for a makers label/plate but all i can find is a serial number. we do not have any documentation or manual on the machine. so for now we are looking to identify and fix it. with the possibility of getting more of them (starting small) to set up around locally. after looking around there is a lot of really great info on these boards, however i do not know what would be of use. below ill add some pics of my machine. maybe someone here has a idea what this machine actually is and who made it when. if i can get it identified i can move forward. for now i'm glad we found these forums and cant wait to put them to use. 




















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