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Tokens VS Quarters.


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     I have a large bowling center with cranes , pool tables. (ESD mech) pin & vids, air hockey, etc ,  plus capsule racks    

 (Northwesterns) . I presently am on quarters. I have a American Changer AC6000 . The problem I'm having is the location employees are constantly hitting the changer to run the place , instead of going in the office and getting quarters from the safe. Its 4X farther to walk to the office , plus fussing with the safe , to get change so they take the easy route. I have spoken to the owner and he discussed it with the staff , problem gets better for a few weeks, and soon right back where we began.  Overall good employees are hard to find, and he would be crazy to fire them over a trivial matter as getting change from the changer vs the office.  On my end , the changer sometimes goes thru 3 times the change compared to whats going in the equipment , so it is a pain in the golpher. Also , the location is secure, but no matter how secure a location is , its not 100 % burglar proof . I also don't want to have a small fortune in cash  in the changer. 


                    My thoughts are switching to tokens.  Can the ESD slide mechs be converted to tokens on the pool tables? The pin & vids we could use imonex mechs that accept tokens AND quarters . What do we do with the roll down comparator mechs on the cranes , as they accept one or the other , not both. ( I do have Validators on them )   The Northwesterns, do they have token mechs for those?  IF all this equipment CAN be changed over to tokens , is it a wise move ? The AC6000 does not have the option to change a quarter to a token like the older Rowe's did  So when someone reaches in their pocket and pulls quarters out, they cant use them , possibly resulting in  a loss I of revenue? 


            I was thinking on checking out the card method , I don't like that idea as it will also result in a loss of revenue as this type of biz is based on impulse   Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Keep the location HAPPY...

Put more quarters in and keep quiet...


those employees are your direct voice to the owner...

piss them off and you will be booted from fake complaints 

I have some changers with 4,000 dollars in quarters to last the month...


minimum I put in a changer is $1000.00


keep quiet and just fill it.

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Bill is 100% correct, if its a decent stop , then you got to pick your battles. If you wont do it, then they will find somebody else. The owner is running a multimillion dollar business. The last thing they wanna hear about is that somebody shook your crane, scratched your equipment or bought quarters from your changer and didnt use them in your machine. If the use your changer so much it actually means your providing a service to the owner and he needs you. The only time you talk to the boss is to give him commission money or talk to him about adding equipment to make mote money. Its the cost you pay to do business with them, either accept it or pull the account

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