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DN414 freon


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The type of freon depends on what compressor model is in the machine. Different compressors use different oils that determine whether it uses R12 or 134a so you can't mix those freons. I use R401a because it's blended to drop in on either of the other gases but it's only available in 30 lb cylinders. You're best off to let a trained refrigeration or vending tech do this as you can damage the unit with the wrong freon or three wrong pressures. A good tech can also see if there's an underlying problem in the unit too.

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Do you have the 10 grand to pay the fine if the EPA finds out?


If you work on this system without a license from the EPA you could owe the fine. $50.00 plus 20 hours of study time.  


If you get the license and don’t buy the recovery equipment you could owe the fine. About $900.00


If your diagnosis is correct and most of the refrigerant has leaked out replacing it will only be a temporary fix as the new refrigerant will soon escape unless you locate and repair the leak.


If you do decide to make this repair please take the time learn how to do it legally and safely as death and injury are real possibilities. http://www.hvacwebtech.com/freonsaftey.htm


Most cities you will find someone fixing and exchanging Dixie refer units in the $300.00 ballpark.


Lots of companies make refrigerants but only one has the right to call it Freon.




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