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Vending Website with Google Adwords


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I was thinking about having a website built and using Adwords to try and generate some new locations. Is anyone doing this? Has it worked?



Although not specifically for vending, I've managed AdWords campaigns for myself and a variety of small business clients for years.

This can absolutely drive awareness and traffic to your company website, and ultimately be responsible for a valuable stream of incoming leads. I would guess this wouldn't result in many leads, but the leads that did came in would certainly be qualified.

I'm picky on where my locations are relative to my house or existing route, and it will be difficult to configure an AdWords campaign to effectively target a very small geographic area--if that's important to you.

An AdWords campaign won't be able to filter the leads you receive based on the size of company, number of employees or earning potential--but your website and campaign landing page certainly could.

One of the best things about AdWords is that it lets you very clearly outline your budget and the risk you're comfortable taking, so I would absolutely recommend you give AdWords a try.

Set up a trial run and see what kind of performance you see. If it doesn't work, it was an inexpensive lesson learned. And if it works well, you know what keywords or ads to invest more money in.

I'm also a proponent of every, any and all small businesses having their own website. Your company website alone will eventually drive leads that you don't have to pay anything extra for.

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