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Vendo V480P, whats a good price?


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I saw an ad for a Vendo V480P  in a neighboring town.  I was just wondering what the pros here would think of the machine, and what an acceptable price would be.

I have a attached a few pics.









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That's a Vendo V511 (basic cabinet is 480) and it's 3 cans deep or 2 bottles deep. The software won't allow cash sales to download through DEX but it's credit card capable since it runs on MDB. The value is up to $1000-1200 depending on condition. The Coke door is as Cajun said, 10 columns but only 9 selections because cols. 1 and 2 are tied together.

Credit card capable? This info is a game changer for sure. I didn't think any of the single price machines where credit card capable. I've been thinking about upping my 12oz can price to $1.00 and adding a credit card reader. Is it possible?

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...any of the single price machines...

Is this machine ALWAYS a single price?


The seller is listing it as a "used Vendo V480P Multi-Price 10 Product vending machine"

Is the seller mistaken, or could it have been upgraded?

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Ok :)

I think I'll contact the seller tomorrow and check it out.  I'll ask that he plug it in and keep it in running mode until I get there.

Thanks for the advice.   

I'll keep you updated :)



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Hey guys I just purchased one of these Vendo V480/V511 and I have a couple of questions.

- Why does the label show V480 but its actually a V511? Mine has a cold drink bubble front so I am hoping that cols 1&2 are not tied together.

- There are three motors that are not homing properly even though you can hear the motors trying but there is no movement towards the notches in the blue cams. I can move the brake freely but it doesnt cause any movement. How can I get these motors and/or switches to work properly?

Thanks for all of your help, in advance.

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You will see the Basic Unit as 480 and that is just the base cabinet size.  The actual model number is in the beginning of the serial number where you see the 511.  The jammed columns is caused by worn out gate links behind the motor.  They are plastic links that close and open the gate on the left side of the column to limit the reloads to one row of drinks.  When the link gets worn out it jams on the motor eccentric and consequently jams the column.  I can send you new links for those motors though you should replace all 10 as they are probably all worn out if 3 have jammed now.  


You shouldn't have any columns slaved together but you won't know until you try vending them.  There is a way to program Space To Sales and slave selections together but it's generally not done on this machine where you have 10 buttons for 10 columns.  If you do find that they are slaved together then I can give you instructions on how to correct that.


If you need the new gate links or anything else for this including flavor strips you can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.

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I have worked on 100's of vendo 511's and changed very few gate links. My experience was route drivers shoving that last can or bottle in on the top of the stack. I have seen them take their arms in there and push down on the stack to make room. When doing so it puts undo pressure on the gauge bar and lets the bottle/can slip by. Try unjamming first and make sure not to force the top bottles/cans in.

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