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Minecraft 1" or 2" items?


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I haven't seen it. Hard to believe it's not out there, though.

If it's not out there by now, I wonder if it ever will be.


Supposedly, The Minecraft movie is in early development.

They are forecasting a 2018 release.

I wonder if the kids will even still be "in" to Minecraft by that time.

3 yrs (2018) is an eternity in respect to the whims of kids and the games they play.


Frankly, I already don't hear a lot of Minecraft talk around the schools my kids attend.

Not like I used to.

And I certainly don't see the kids wearing the Minecraft gear as much as I used to.

My kids and their friends have almost entirely moved away from Minecraft onto other (more recently developed) games.


My guess is other kids are already moving on to something else, too.

So, if there isn't already a Minecraft vending product, it's not likely there will ever be.

That could change, however, if a 2018 movie actually happens AND there's a huge marketing push behind it.

But, IMO, both of those things seem unlikely.


So, I think jmac is correct: You probably have to cap your own if it's something you want to carry.


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It really seems like around here (Missouri) there is still a huge interest. It may be because my boy is at the right age but that's all he and his friends talk about and think about. Any toys out there on the shelves are just to pricey for a capsule vend break down.

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Mine craft is every where here near local philly stores like malls and such.


I see plenty of small figures of a decent quality gor for 3-5 dollars so there is most likely a market but as for getting them cheap in bulk good luck.( legal productions)

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