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Saeco SG200 cup carousel not lining up with dispensing hole

The Biss

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Just decided to get the 70mm 8.25oz cups and put the cup feeder carousel back in my SG200. The carousel is not lining up perfectly with the dispensing hole underneath and creates a crescent moon with the motor tray. It appears that it is perhaps 1 gear off, maybe about 1 /32nd of a turn, and the cups are catching on the side.

When I remove the carousel and just drop a couple of cups into the hole, the little swing arm works great, and the unit dispenses cups like nobody's business. 

How can I advance the carousel "one click" per se to get a full moon effect instead of a crescent moon, without forcing the motor and possibly breaking a gear? Do I need to take apart the motor unit and disengage a gear so I can turn it manually? Is there a setting in the software that will allow me to advance or retreat the motor a small bit? TIA. 


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