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We find Charity Bulk Vending Locations for your Candy Machines and Honor Boxes in high quality places with no money up front! We want you to feel safe knowing that you get to install your machine before ever paying a single cent. We only provide the best locations for your bulk vending business.


We have been in bulk vending for over 12 years and involved in several aspects of it. We learned how to locate our own candy machines and have honed this skill to science over the years. This means that we have the experience to serve you better than any other bulk vending locator or honor box locator in the vending industry.


Currently we still operate our route that is continually growing and changing. One thing that doesn't change is our commitment to quality and amazing customer service. We started our business because we didn't feel that everyone should have to pay upfront without knowing what type of locations they would be getting. We didn't want anyone else to be victimized by the pitfalls of dishonest “locator companies”.

We offer a 60 day warranty on our locations! We will replace up to 20% for any reason with in the first 60 days.





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We now offer NO CONTRACT if you prefer! 

We now offer locations with out a contract! We are adapting to requests we get from time to time.


If you prefer, you can now get locations without a contract with the ability to pay upfront!


Every other company out there charges upfront for services. We now offer that for people that prefer that without an agreement!


Our route expansion service will not change other than that. 


If you have special requests we will do the best to comply.


This doesn't change the current way we do things, just an addition to. If you prefer receiving locations before paying we will always offer those services.


We have added this new opportunity for those that don't like the agreement type restrictions.


Same great service, same great locations, same great expansion!



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