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Hi from Ontario Canada


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Hi All,

I came across this site a few months ago and joined recently. Two years ago a retired buddy of mine asked me to accompany him to a Franchise show. I did and we saw nothing that interested us enough to lay out a wack of cash. On the way back, he said he'd come across a massage chair thing in his search of the internet. 

Short story, we ordered 2 and then 2 more and then 3 more. And so it went.

This suited us, lots of upfront energy and $, but a modest return with no spoilage. We like it.

After reading many of the posts, I'm thinking we might get some beaver machines as well. 

Anyways, I'm glad I found you guys and gals.

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We've got them anywhere we feel people are waiting. 


Bowing Alleys

Tire shops


children's play centres 

amusement centres


lazer places

paintball places


We're continually trying different types of places. You never know what will work.


No two places are the same. We've had laundromats that bring in $60 monthly and some that do $30. We give them two months to prove themselves. If we don't get $50/mo. our end or the hope of that in the near future, we move it. Having said that, we do have a very poor producer, but it's at a very safe location with an older couple who really take care of it. We only drop in to collect when we're in the area and it may be twice yearly.


We tried unsupervised places and won't do so anymore. Even places that have supervision for most of the time and only a few hours at the end of the day unsupervised, like some laundromats. Damage to the chair can happen under supervision as well, but less chance of it. 


Just as as aside, we followed our locators advice and gave the location a key and agreed to have them send us a cheque at the end of each quarter. What a mistake. Seems easy, but we lost a ton of $ with no recourse other than court. Don't let anyone talk you into anything like this. 


Now, I'm not saying paying for a location or using a Locator's services is bad. Just that in my experience, don't let someone else be in charge of your collections. 


Anyways, hope this helps. Where a bouts are you located? Happy to share ideas and experiences.


Keep well.

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