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VM-250 / VM-251 - Does anyone have experience with these soda machines?


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This is the soda portion of an older manual combination machine. I've heard that the brand name may be something like Fortune Resources. I do understand upfront that many consider these to be a p.o.s. and that I should simply replace it with a better machine (National / AP / etc) with the assumption that I should even consider a combo in the first place - or that if the site does such a low volume that I shouldn't waste my time on it....  However that discussion isn't the purpose of this post.


What I am trying to find out is how the bottle dispensing on this thing is supposed to work.  It has one small column for a 16.9 and two for 20oz.  I can get it to dispense from each column but when I want to get the next vend I have to put the quarters in first and turn the selection handle one full rotation to get the bottle to drop into the metal vending cylinder and I have to put the quarters in a second time and turn the handle to actually dispense the bottle.  Each subsequent vend requires 2x the $ and 2 full rotations of the selection nob in order to get the soda to vend. I would have thought that the 2nd bottle would drop into the staging cylinder as the vend of the first bottle completes (??)


Does anyone know if this is how it was supposed to work or if something may need to be adjusted?


I'm testing with a fairly narrow 16.9 diet 7up bottle and a 20oz Ice Mountain water bottle (for vending)


Any advice on getting these columns working would be greatly appreciated.





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I have experience with these machines but NOT with vending anything but cans. I'm sorry I can't help. I do have a copy of the owners manual but I don't think is has any info on this issue.

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