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Help Identifying an old Royal Vendors Machine


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I have an older 6 select, single price royal vendors machine that is missing the make/model/serial tag. I was hoping someone could help me out with identifying it. I created a small photo album here http://imgur.com/a/qzJEY  which will hopefully help.



I have had the machine a few years and its been good until recently when it started having a cooling issue, I replaced the condenser fan motor as it was not working however It does not seem to remedy the problem. If I plug it in now I can hear the compressor start to run and the fan now runs however after a couple hours there has been no cooling and the compressor feels rather warm. 


I'm thinking the compressor needs to be recharged or replaced how likely is each situation?


Is there a way to identify the compressor without knowing which machine I have? 


Any help would be appreciated



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It sounds like you are either low on freon or your compressor has bad valves if the condenser fan was bad for a while. The only way to find out is to have a refrigeration tech try recharging it. It isn't necessary to know the model number of the machine. The compressor as has a label on it so the tech will know the proper freon and the unit will be properly charged when the low side pressure is at 18 - 20 lbs.

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