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Choosing a cold vending machine

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Hey all, I am a new member here and work for a small food business that is looking to sell their sandwiches in a vending machine for a specific high traffic location.


My question is:


Does anyone have recommendations for a vending machine that can be purchased that is designed for cold items, and can take credit cards or even apple pay? Most of what I have come across is very old, coin\bill only and doesn't look as nice as it would have to in keeping with their brand.


I have done a fair bit of searching and I am a bit stumped.


Thanks for any advice or information in advance.



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You are going to want either a National 431 or 432. They should be fairly easy to find for relatively inexpensively. Most vendors avoid cold food. Some places I've worked have gone out of their way to remove them, and sell them. They don't make much money, and can't hold much. That said, using them to augment a small food business is a pretty good use for them. 


Both of those models are MDB capable, which is what you want for payment options like Credit Cards. I have no knowledge of Apple Pay, specifically, but I know that the newer Credit Card readers will let you use NFC to purchase things with Google Wallet. I'm assuming that Apple Pay is something similar to that.


You're probably going to have to install the CC reader yourself, only the newest machines actually come with them. There are two main options, USA Technologies and Currenza. They both support NFC. If you do go that route, I suggest purchasing units that are specific to Verizon's cellular network. AT&T is a mess, yo. Currenzas are a pain in the gopher to install in National 431s, but there is more room in a 432, and they fit more easily.


As far as making the machine look like a part of your brand, I suggest looking into some of the various options for getting your custom printing on panels to go on the machine. ( http://www.tuffronts.com/custom-graphics.html )

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