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Potential newbie in Oklahoma


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I came across an opportunity to purchase a 5 location route with 40 additional machines of various types needing to be placed.  After finding and reading this forum I am encouraged and think I will take the plunge. Looks like a fun business.


See you all on your side of the mountain!

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I am not sure of the machine brands.  I will see them on Friday.  What are the brands to stay away from? 


I am getting them from a friend.  He had a friend who passed away about 6 months ago.  That friend owned the machines and willed the entire lot to my friend.  There are about 40 total, several gumball whirly machines and various 2 to 8 head machines. He said that several were yellow, a couple gray.  Of the 40 machines, 5 are in retail locations and doing "well". It comes with "many" boxes of spare parts.  So, my friend wants to sell it all.  Any idea what kind of price, we are talking a ballpark price, I should expect to hear for this business?


I saw a price on craigslist, for 90 machines, $25000 obo.  None of the machines are placed though.


So, for 40 machines, 5 placed and generating income, what should I expect to pay?  $2000, $3000, $5000, $10,000?



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Depends on what macine and how much they earn

Pics would be good, but the gray ones sound like vendstars which is one of the bad brands and is made of plastic

I'd pay maybe 5 bucks for those

The yello 8 head ones sound like uturns of they are stacked in 2 layeres of 4 canisters each

Another bad brand

The spiral gum machines 50-100 each co diction dependant

Expert to pay 3 months gross plus machine value or 8-10 months gross for located units

Oh, and the guy with the90 for 25k is full of hot air unless he got racks

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Yeah, I thought that 25K was a bunch steep for the 90 machines.

Thank you for the rule of thumb insight into valuation of a business.

I could see that the yellow machines are uturns.  What value should they have if in good condition?

Based on what you now know, which is all I know, what would you be willing to offer for the lot? Would you be interested in looking if the price was 300, 500, 700, more?

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i would not buy those vendstars and uturns

all are setup for candy which is good for a new guy but you dont need 40 machines to learn- later you can go with gum and toys which are much more profitable.

also, the uturns hold too many selections- you cant really find 4 or 8 selections of non chocolate candies.

The uturns are probably worth 20 each to me if they came with good equipment as part of  an all or nothing deal, i dont buy them separately.

honestly, if the price was 300 for the 40 machines id get them if i wanted to flip on ebay, uturns can be sold but it takes time and forget it if they are in less than good condition.

Still, you mentioned 2 head machines, which can be manufactured by a decent brand or import chineseium, the good ones are OAK, AA global, Northwestward, Eagle, Ford, Astro, Beaver.

worth about 50 bucks a double in good condition, take off if parts are missing, needs paint, etc. Inspect the paint carefully, if there is any sign of peeling at all the paint is probably completely shot.

Keep in mind that stands run 40 dollar new and the above machines are around 60-70 new, and can be speced the way you want them from the maufacturer.

also keep in mind that Socal is flooded with good used equipment, not sure how it is in OK, so my valuations may be lower than what it is in OK

As for lot price, there is not engough info to tell, but i can probably get a pretty good vauation on it with pics and income of the route

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