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Value of Parts

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I found a guy getting out and has some extra Bill Validator's and Coin Mec's could you guys give me a fair value of what they would be worth.  We do have a number of machinces with out the mec's.  They are ....


10 MEI series 2000 bill validators new in box 7 coin pro coin mecs.  They do have the wiring harness.


Everything is supposed to be brand new and still in the box.  Thanks for the advice...........

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If the mechs and BAs are not in sealed packaging from a repair center I would assume they ard bad and need repair.


The 2000 BA value changes a lot if they are “Flash port” models


2000 Flash broken 40.00

2000 non flash broken 15.00

TRC6000 broken 5.00



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