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About a free software that HAD existed


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Hi all , I am a brand new user , and a brand new vending machine shop owner , living in south Europe.


I have a small problem . One of my machine is not rated enough, so I want to change the products, till here everything is ok.


At the display message of the machine, I want to edit the welcome message etc , and however we are at a biligual region , I want to make some changes sometimes .


Naturally I contacted the vendor ( I am not writing its name since I think it is not ethical ) , but everytime I call them , even for a simple edit , I pay them 400 euros ( it is about 450 American Dollars ) .The problem is that , they refuse to give me the software they are using .


The software they are using ( I looked at its name while the techincan was using is ) is windex , and it is normally free, since I found it at google here : http://www.vendo.wetherbyweb.com/legacy_machines/legacy_site/website_update_technical.php  . The download link is at the last 4th line . But however they changed the download link's page, now it is not findable .


( I repeat , I don't give my vendor's name since I am not sure if it is out of forum's rules). 


What is your suggestion ? How should I get this software ? Does anyine have any idea of windex ? Or does anyone know an alternative software for editing my display messages ?


Thank you very much in advance .








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