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Potential location need advise please.


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Hello all,


I been reading this forums, and gathering as much info as possible to get started, been looking for possible locations.


So long story short, my wife asked one of the town clerks where she worked if they have vending machines in the location and the answer was NO, and it would be nice for then to have vending machines..


The problem with that is that she mentioned that they had in the past vending machines, but people will leaving bottles and trash all over the place and they removed them, not sure how long ago it was that..



I like to approach them again, and since this will be my first time and I don't have any proven vending business at the moment just starting out ( I do have the funds for machines and merchandise), but don;t want to mess it up by saying or offering the wrong thing..


Any idea how to make them comfortable ? I know I can't stop people from leaving trash behind, but is there any way to make a good case ? I'd really love to get this account, it would be a great way for me to start..





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