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There are many full size quality coffee vendors but I am a little biased but I would say the Saeco SG200. My personal experience is that they are very reliable, easy to clean, maintain and the SG200 is very small and compact. It can be set up as a table top coffee service or with the bottom base installed they are stand alone vendor. There are many used ones out there especially in the southern states like Florida and Arizona. New ones can be had for around $1000 to $1600 and used for less. It appears to me that Canmax has been saturating those areas like Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix. so there are many to be had a bargain prices. Check Craig's list and eBay. I advise against paying full retail unless you are in the top 10%. If you are, I am in the market for adoptive parents ;)


I would buy one or two machines to see how things go. Put it in your kitchen and practice servicing and troubleshooting. Coffee vending is more labor intensive than say a snack/bottled/can vendors. Unless you have many accounts and or retired and money not a issue, I would advise against starting in the coffee business unless due diligence and research is done. It all depends on your market. I would make sure you have one placement before purchasing. 




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Whats is the best automatic saeco cofee machine?

Are you referring to a super-automatic or a vending model?


I have heard good things about the Saeco Phedra  but I am not sure if it is available in the USA... it comes in both fresh milk & powdered milk options

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