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Vending Diet Drinks

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I am trying to strategize my diet drink sales so I have a couple of different questions.


I would like to know which diet drinks have the best expiration dates?

I have noticed that Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free is pretty good while of course as we all know Diet Dr.Pepper is the worst.


Which diet drinks do you guys sell the best?

I sell a lot of variety of different diet drinks but I feel like I need to keep the variety at a minimum.

I vend Diet Coke, Diet Coke Lime, Diet Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free, and Diet Mountain Dew.


Of course like snacks I rotate my drinks if I have to.

Total I sell around 1000 drinks/month.


If you guys have 10 selections in a machine, how many diet drinks do you guys usually vend?

I keep it at no more than 1 or 2.


Even though I try my best not to, it does happen that someone will get an expired diet drink.

Do most of you guys get away with this if it happens here and there or is it a big deal?


I know this seems like a simple topic but I also feel like it is one of the most important.

I have never read about this subject on here even though I have been on here for years.

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All diet drinks have about the same shelf life with it varying between cans (longer) and bottles (shorter). The reason you might find different dates on the shelf is that the shorter date products are slower movers.

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Diet drinks are the worst sellers I have Diet coke, coke zero, diet Dr. Pepper. Diet sales suck!!

Amen to that.  I have one account that consistently pounds through about 120 Diet Cokes a month, the rest of them are a PITA, constantly checking for flats and if I should run out I always get a call.  Nothing like driving 50 miles to stock 12 Diet Cokes.

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I have a medical office with 90% women and the drinks are subsidized.  They pay only .30 and I get invoiced for the rest of the .65 from their corporate.


120 Diet Dr.Peppers/month and 100 Diet Cokes/month.


Along with 120 waters, these 3 drinks make up 90% of my drink sales.


But for the rest of my locations, for now on I am only sticking to only 1 diet selection.

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I do well with Diet drinks ..... across 15 locations I sell approximately 250 Diet Coke/month, 150 Diet Mountain Dew/month, 100 Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper/month.  I rarely throw out a can because of dating.  I actually have an account with a 12 select machine that has ALL FOUR of those drinks in it, and they all sell consistently good.

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