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BC10 drink machine New with problems


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Twice in the last year I've bought a brand new BC10 straight from the factory (with others for new high volume locations)


Anyway, I'm going to be writing a letter to the company with the issues these have given me.  Right from the factory it should work.  But I'm also putting this here in case anyone else has had this problem on a new BC10 recently.  (I can't be the only one this happened to...twice)


This one I installed yesterday has a problem with the drop sensor or the board.  You put your money in, you can hear the motor turn a split second and then the display says Enjoy..... and you;ve just lost your money.  So, the machine thinks it's dropped.


Drop sensor setting is at 3 (where it should be)


What's weird is that the motor barely turns.  I've watched it with the door opened and it moves maybe 1 inch.  This happened on all selections.


So, this same thing happened after about a month at another location.  But it was intermittent.  20 good vends and then that same problem.  On multiple motors.  Bad thing about that location is that it never happens twice in a row.  And weeks can go by without anyone complaining.  Just last week the problem popped up again there.  They are sending me a replacement board I'll put in tomorrow.


Back to this machine yesterday.  I'm going to have them send a drop sensor and a board.  What vendnet told me with that first machine was to unplug where the sensor plugs into the board and then replug it in...making sure it's tight.


Didn't work.


My beef is that this was tested at the factory, right?  No way did it work there and now it won't work once it's plugged in on location.  Either they are not testing well enough or the design of this drop sensor is poor.


By the way, I have a second BC10 at this lcoation yesteday that sits right next to the bad one.  This one works just fine.  


Anyone else run across this?   I shouldn't have to deal with this buying a brand new machine.  If it were a car I would drive it back to the dealership and say I want a new one.  Not so easy on a vend machine.

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Apparently no one has had this problem with a new BC10.  It definitely means that you need a new logic board or drop sensor and I'd insist that they send both under warranty.

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