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I need a guru, 501e not cooling, covered all the basics

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Dixie narco 501e three can deep live front


1 no lines are frosted

2 doesn't attemped to cool at all

3 compressor gets very hot to the touch

4 both fans run

5 yes thermostat switch works

6 plugged the deck to a dedicated line still nothing

7 tapped the line n put a acess valve in it, shot a little 134a in it but no change put a gauge on it n looks like it's about 33psi

8 ohm out the compressor out it seemed to check out but I'm not 100% sure with that test

9 I thought what the heck so I put a hard start on it n no change but I can here the start kick in then 5-10 seconds I hear it kick-out

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This sounds like a locked rotor which is a bad compressor. This is if the condensing fan runs properly and if it clicks on and back off when trying to start. The dome will be hot from repeated attempts to start. Unless the unit is running you won't be able to charge it. You are also charging it incorrectly as you must charge through your gauge set to get an accurate reading and to insure the freon charge is correct. You also need to read the low side which is accessible from the short tube off the dome. If that's where you read it and it was at 33 lbs then it's low on freon, but with a locked rotor that's a moot point.

If you need a new compressor then send me a PM and I can price out a brand new factory deck for you.

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Az is right!


locked up compressor!


Took a deck apart today for that same reason, waiting on new compressor.



Ahem ..... Mike, if I read this correctly, the OP was looking for a Guru - not VooDoo  ;D  ;D  ;D

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Yea I was using the short side off the compressor, I was adding a little at a time, there was no change on inside temp plus couldn't here it running threw the lines, that's kinda what I thought but not for sure

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