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I am a student from Norway that just recently acquired a medium-sized wall-mounted vending machine for free.


It seems to work perfectly, but i dont know a lot about operating it since there were no manuals with it.


The Machine is produced by "Quasar Electronics" and have model name "Snacky-ESL" There is a support-email on the machine-label, (info@quasarelectronics.net) but the address bounces and the domain seems to have been taken over by a chinese advertiser.


Have anyone heard about the brand or model before? What i'm interested in is the elecronics and how to properly operate the machine.


The plan is to place it in the office i am working at. They have approved that i can place it there at no cost :)

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Uff Da! I found a lead...(that phrase is all the Norwegian I know, my maternal great grandma immigrated to the states in 1882).


Snacky is shown on page 7 of this PDF:



Here is home website, hopefully they still make parts and have info for you...

"Quasar Electronics"



Good luck,



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