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Credit Card Readers and components


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I recently picked up a couple used Vivopay Vend NFC/card readers and am stumped trying to figure out the next steps. I emailed vivotech and they provided me with the software "docklight" for programming it and a huge pdf of codes to use with it. I am currently waiting on a serial cable to hook up the reader to my PC to start trying to program it but I'm having a really hard time figuring out a couple other things. If anyone can help or point me somewhere helpful that would great. Here's where I'm getting confused.


The Vivopay vend doesn't connect to any network. I have to buy a network card I believe, where can I buy those? 


From what I've gathered the network devices are GSM, how do I get service to them?

Do I buy a sim card from a cell phone company and pay them or are there network providers specifically for this?


Who do I go through for credit card processing?

I'd like to go through paypal as I currently use them for all other business transactions. They have a developers section here which makes it look like I can go through them.


What other options should I consider for credit cards? Like are there companies that have card readers/network devices/ GSM service all bundled into one? 

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Never heard of them.  A quick google search shows that they are probably used in kiosks and might be incorporated into Micro Markets, but that's as close to vending as they would get.  I doubt you will get any help here.  We aren't developers or manufacturers.


If you want devices used with vending then USA Technologies is a good start as they also provide the backend for their devices.  They are also the backend for other card reader providers so they could probably be your backend, too.

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I am not sure how to get your units to work but I think the ViVOpay Reader that you have is the same as the USATech  RF/Card Swipe Reader so you will need to run it off an ePort Connect or something similar.


Do you only have the ViVOpay Reader or did you also get the monitoring hardware box also when you made your purchase?


The ViVOpay units were manufactured by a company called ViVOtech but I thought that they went out of business a couple of year ago but they may have been purchased by another company as USATech still use the same readers.

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