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What is this?


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That is the shim see to adjust for different size packages no am assuming this is a Vendo. It needs to be adjusted the item you are vending. That will determine which slots they are inserted in. There is a matching read slot as well

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Gage bar, it is moved depending on what size bottle or can your selling in machine.


Some vendo's take a clip on shim on gage bar.


Should be instructions on inner door of machine.


20 oz bottles left slot.

12 oz cans middle slot.



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It is from my beverage machine 


I don't what is this? and what´s the correct positision left, middle or right?


Thank you

Sorry I forgot the picture




That is a V-max machine.  For 12 oz cans the bar is on the far left, front and back and then you need four different clips installed on the gage bar.  You will also need a can shim in the column.  The setting for other products will depend on those product sizes.

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Another doubt


This machine has only 9 selections buttons, but it has 10 columns.


| co 10 | co 9 | co 8 | co 7|  co 6 |  co 5 | co 6 | co 5 | co 4| co 3| co 2| co 1 |


When I press button 1 the product on column 2 drop


When I press button 2 the product on column 3 drop 


all the way until when I press button 9 that display the message PRODUCT SOLD OUT


I tested the column 1 on vend test mode and the motor runs and the product drop.


But when I do the vend the message PRODUCT SOLD OUT appears


Does the number 1 column works together with column 10?



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The standard STS on a Coke-door machine with one less select button than columns is for the top button to control columns 1 and 2 alternatingly. The rest of the columns 3 -10 will be controlled by buttons 2 - 9 in order. If you have any other STS setting then you should be able to select the standard setting in the STS menu.

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