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Ok, we are testing the waters with locating full size equipment again. This will be a trial run! We are taking Rack bulk jobs as well.


We are only taking on about 12 machines worth of work or so to test the waters. If it goes well, we will continue to do it on a regular basis.


If you want to try us out, let me know and we'll take any area. Obviously, if your in a tougher area it will take longer!


You are looking at a pretty good time line right now.



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The next 5 orders will be 275.00 for snack or soda location!



This is only to get things rolling in our new area!


Don't miss your chance on this!



As with all of our specials for Vendiscuss members, this is not offered any where else!



This is also NO MONEY UP FRONT!



Are you tired of tying up your money? 


Tired of being taken advantage of?



I have looked all over for staff that I can trust so that I can offer you quality locations



and quality service!



We are also now offering rack, ATM, and other locating services!



Order now!

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We aren't going to pursue the Full Size any longer. It is next to impossible to find an honest people in this side of the business! 


On that note, we will still be offering rack locations to the best of our ability. My current staff is up for the training. 


Thank you all for your patience!

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