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Hello from Beijing


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I am starting a vending business here in Beijing, and I am looking for a handbook on best practices in general and particularly for franchisees.  What are hood resources for this?


Thanks so much for any help!

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We are more focused on building our own businesses. Not sure how things are different in Beijing, but there are a lot of what are called BizOps who are more interested in taking a person's money then helping them become a successful business. Too often the machines are overpriced, and there is little to no help, and the help there is, isn't worth anything.


People have been successful with this route though. It just increases the chances of failure.


The best way to start out is to buy one, or just a few machines. Make sure you understand how they work so you can fix them if you need to. Get them placed in a business, and service them.


There is a wealth of information on this site. Better then any book I have found yet, plus the advice of experts with years of experience. (And some differing opinions.)


Good luck.

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