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Vending machine pictures


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Not sure what you mean by "on route."

Just looking for a few pics of snack and soda machines I can use on line and on my business card without worrying about being sued for using someone else's image.

Here's a picture of a machine "on route". It looks as it does on a location. Some are definitely better than others.



Conversely, this is a stock photo, where they're supposed to look like they're brand new, and are usually depicted floating in a void so the machine is all that's visible. Usually made by the manufacturer.



If you've got some photos you like, but don't know who the owner is or how to get legal permission to use them, you do have the option of altering the photos to make them your own new creations. A few changes in photo-shop or another editor program will make them original pieces of media that you have ownership over. For example, the first photo is one I pulled from CL, the second is one I ran through Paint.net to make look like an oil painting. That of course is just an example of one of the millions of things you could do. Adding a few lines, cropping it in, and messing with the colors is more than enough to make a few original creations that will get the idea across to your locations, and keep you in the legal clear in the off-chance the original photographer wants royalties. Then once you have some locations, then you'll have more (probably better) pictures to work with going forward.

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