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Coin collecting


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When my Father passed, he had a large stash of coins he collected throughout his life. We went through those coins, and other then the silver ones, and maybe a couple others, they really weren't worth anything. But I'm looking at this through a financial lens, not through the eyes of a collector who collects because of an interest or hobby. 


I'm fairly certain my Father's reasoning was that if he held on to anything a little unusual, that they might one day be worth something. This is not collecting, this is investing, and really bad investing at that. His investment was essentially a piggy bank.


Now my Wife is a collector. She has a multitude of old and new salt and pepper shakers, plus a few interesting items. We purchased a curio cabinet for everything, but I am fairly certain that the cabinet cost us more then the whole value of her collection.


I have a collection of books I have read. And since I have moved to reading on my Kindle, that collection will be growing much more slowly. (At least the non-digital version.)


I would define 3 types of collectors. The person who finds an interesting thing and holds onto it, the hobbyist who collects because of his interest, and the expert. The last is the one who might make any money, but often these are still people who's interest overshadows their urge to make money.


My hobby apparently is taking simple discussions, and to complicate, and over-analyzing them.

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I have a couple jars here that I toss all my "unusual" coins into. Found a few "unique" coins from Europe, Asia, and South America in the mix with the usual Canadian and Mexican change. I wouldn't call it a "collection", but until some banks will take it from me, I guess I'm collecting them. :D

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