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Two Pricing (Commission) Offerings.

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I downloaded the Vending proposal from the download area!! I really like it so kudos to whoever made it!!

However, can someone please expand on this type of offering? It states:


"To this end we offer two pricing options. The first option offers low pricing and no commission through the use of subsidized vending. The second option offers commission payouts based on your company’s employee count and monthly revenue."


Can someone give an example?


Thank you

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Yep....1st option.


Sell cans of soda for .50 cents each.....at the end of the month, you send the business owner a bill for another 35 cents per can for each can sold (or whatever price you agree too).  Their employees get cheap drinks and you still make money.


2nd option

You set your prices at 90 cents per can.  At the end of the month, based upon the amount of sales, you may give the business owner a "commission" check for a certain percentage of your sales.  It may be anywhere from 5 - 20%.  Depends on the volume of sales.



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