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A 4 foot space at a grocery store...


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I have been thinking of hitting up one of the smaller grocery stores in my town.  They have recently remodeled the store, and I have noticed a spot near the exit that would be perfect for either a rack or a crane machine..  It's about 4 feet wide,, there are no other games or bulk racks in the store.

I just don't know which I should try to pitch to them.  It is in a low class / lower middle class area.  A lot of walk in traffic.

If I go with the crane machine, what kind of commission should I offer?  If I go with a rack (probably a 5 or 7 head setup, with candy and 2" toys) what would be a good commission to offer?


Thanks in advance :)



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If you're going for a rack, pitch a 25% gross to start with. You can always work your way up, but not back down.


For a rack, you'll want to go with toys. Solid, easy-to-track margins to work with, no product spoilage, no messy cleanup should something melt. The only "food" you would ever want to vend would be gumballs, as they've got the best margin and overall sales. If you want simplicity, put 1" on top too, as dealing with 1" caps is a lot simpler than dealing with 2" too. Flat never sold well for me, but I seem to be in the minority there- if you can get a flat machine, there are a lot of great flat items to run in them that'll work there.


I don't really have enough experience on cranes to say for certain what your percentage would be on that. I expect it would depend on what type of crane you had, and whether it had auto-percentaging or not. Older cranes don't, and that would impact what you could make as a comission.


Either one will make you decent money if the foot traffic is there. Good luck!

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I'm leaning towards a bulk rack, to provide a little diversity, the machine is simpler, and if there is ever an issue with one machine, the rest can still make money.

I want something like this:


But perhaps at a cheaper price :P


Go to Craigslist. You will deal with some weirdos for sure, but trust me, there are some great deals to be had out there. Best search terms for this sort of thing, in my experience, has been "Capsule Machine" and "Toy Machine". The layperson rarely calls them racks.


If you want to buy new, go direct to a manufacturer. If you don't need new, but need something specific, you might have some luck posting to the classifieds here. We've got a lot of great people here who have cut me some good deals in the past- I'm sure that if they've got what you're looking for they'll be willing to cut you a good deal too. Another option would be to buy the "rack" portion new from a manufacturer (so you get the right dimensions) then buy the machiens to fit it used separately. Easier to do with the small machines than the 2" cabs, but it can be done- I've done it, so on those grounds anyone can do it. :lol: Good luck!

How do you get the machines placed in corporate locations like dollar General or dollar tree?


You'd likely have to talk to a regional or district manager- they're the only ones who'd even be able to talk about it. Dollar Tree is locked into some big national contract if I recall correctly, and I suspect Dollar General has something similar.

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