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DN276e misbehaving

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I need some help TVF family and I appreciate all of your replies.  I have a DN276e with a SIID board that is showing many different problems so I will list them out so that I don't forget any.


  • Homing Sensor keeps showing on the display when the door is closed occassionally.  This goes on for more than 5 mins if I dont unplug the machine.  Other times I close the door and one period just blinks. ( No columns visually appear to be jammed)
  • When I press the Service Mode button HD shows up on the screen and I am not able to scroll through the Menu after pressing buttons 1 & 2, or any other buttons.  HD just remains in the screen until I press the door switch in order to switch back into Sales Mode.
  • There were some other coin acceptance and bill acceptance issues with the machine but I have changed out everything over to a Mars VN2511 and a Mars 4510 coin mech (I think that is the correct model nbr)  It's a black and blue Mars 4-tube MDB coin mech and it is now accepting money. 

Also in order to sell Monster drinks in this machine do I need to use the rod inserted into the 'B' hole like I do for the DN501e machines?


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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When it says homing take the cover off the motors and look at the switches all of them should be in a valley if not that is the place to look for the jam.


Does your machine have separate switches or is it one membrane ribbon?


If this machine plugged into a grounded outlet?


How old are the light bulbs?


Shimming should be the same as the 501E



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@ Walta


- I took the cover off the motors and found that the metal arm was placed in the notches on all cams.

- This machine has the one membrane ribbon and this threw me for a loop at first because I had removed some of the selection buttons and the bottom half of the rubber piece had fallen off and the bottom half of buttons were not returning to the original position after being pressed.   I didn't realize that the piece had fallen off so I spent quite awhile trying to fix the selection buttons.  :wacko:

- the light bulbs have been removed from the machine..........the unit is placed outside in a secure area.

- Yes the machine is plugged into a grounded outlet



I just talked with the previous previous owner :D and he enlightened me that this machine has the selection membrane from a 9 selection machine so I think that explains the long period of Homing.  It's looking for the last two columns, correct?


@ AngryChris


Yes, selections 1 & 2 will vend.

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You need a proper 7 selection membrane for that machine or you will have problems.  You might also have a logic board problem though because the machine should eventually stop homing.  Also check where the motor switch wiring exits the motor cover on the left side as the wires can be cut, then check the connector on the bottom left of your logic board marked for those switches and verify that it is fully seated.  Not being able to get beyond HD in the svc mode can be the switch membrane being bad or disconnected or a bad logic board.  


If you really have a 9 select membrane then you need a 7 select membrane.  You can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom for that part.

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