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Upgrading coin mech


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I recently had trouble upgrading a Dixie Narco 348 single price (dummie plug), BA30 and Mars TRC-6000.


To a Mars 24 volt 2512 and a Coinco (34 DC) coin mech  with the S II harness.  I spent a couple of hours checking and rechecking my work.


I found out that I had to go into the settings, into the COIn / COIN MECH SELECTION, and change the setting to recognize the Coinco mdb  mech.


Frustrating but rewarding after it worked correctly.



Now,  I would like to change the Coinco mdb mech to a Quantum pro ( double quarter stack, vin is .75) in a Dixie Narco 276 E.  I attempted to do this


months ago with out success.



What steps do I need to take in order to upgrade this Dixie Narco 276E with the Quantum Pro?








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