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No coins in my Country


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Hello I have an interesting question.

My country doesn't use coins. Cambodia

How would you get around this?

USD bill acceptors wouldn't work. Not enough people use USD. A token change machine would work but too expensive to put at every place I would put a machine.

Only thing I can think of is give the proprietors at the location tokens and have them exchange tokens for me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated thank you.

I would like to start a toy capsule vending company.

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If your country doesn't have coin currency, you're pretty much stuck with machines that are bill-acceptor or even credit card ready. However, such machines are few and far between. The SEGA/Sammy corporation had something like this once upon a time, and I believe it was more popular in the Asian markets, but where/when exactly is hard to say. Like I say, this is the "one" machine that comes to mind that might do what you're looking to do.


You might have more success converting existing snack and full-line gear to work. Sadly, if there aren't coins, there just isn't a way to make bulk units work in the traditional sense.


Good luck!

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