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Play Till You Win Plush Crane? Thoughts?


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So Washington State is very unfriendly to the vending world :(  (no key masters, or anything of that nature) and even 100% skill based games (example: prize lockers) are HEAVILY regulated to the point that operating them is almost pointless (huge fees, taxes, lots of record keeping, etc.)  So that's led to almost all of the vending guys I've seen in Washington State only do arcade/play till you win/pool/air hockey etc.


So today I went to Toys R Us and saw an interesting play till you win plush crane.  It was set at $1, and had little stuffed animals in it.  It was a sugar loaf machine (or service vending, can't remember 100%, but I know if was a big operator).


It surprised me that it was only $1 and play till you win.  The prizes were about 70% of the size of the small plush that AA sells.  So while they certainly weren't "big" by any stretch of the imagination, they were way nicer then I'd expect at a $1 price point.  


Where did they get those prizes so cheap?  Do they order so much that they can get a huge discount whereas I couldn't?  Just buying directly from China?  Do any of you guys run plush as play till you win?  Any input/feedback/experience with play till you win plush?  


I was thinking of doing small unlicensed plush from AA in a play till you win crane at $3.  Already have the location, and I was going to do a pirates chest so if it was a failed experiment, I could put it in Idaho and just do the standard crane set up.  Thoughts?  (for those that don't know, pirates chest uses the same set up as a toy chest, which is also the same as a candy crane...just different art work and cabinet style)

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