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Rowe 5900 Multiple Columns Vending At Once


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I have a Rowe 5900 that it malfunctioning. I have not seen it in person yet, but my driver reported that when he tries to vend from one row that the motor on the lower row also spins so it vends two products. This machine has recently been subjected to some vigorous shaking since he also found the coin mechanism was dislodged. What should I check for when I troubleshoot this machine?


I would also like advice on how to prevent the shaking. This is my first incident at this location so maybe someone was just pissed that their M&Ms didn't fall or something. I have a refund bag at the front desk that I believe most employees know about. I was thinking of putting a sign up on the machine stating that it was recently damaged due to being shaken and that if an employee needs a refund please visit the front desk. Has something like that worked for any of you in the past? I don't like the idea of bolting it to the wall and I am not sure if they would allow it anyway.


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.



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The problem is going to be a pinched wire caused by the shaking of the machine. Bolting to another machine or to the wall is the best way to prevent it though a couple of bags of sand will also weigh it down. By all means, you can put a sign like that on the machine. The pinched wire will be difficult to find but it's related to the number in the selection matrix that is common to both motors. The most likely place to look is behind the gum/mint chute where the back edge meets the back wall. The faulty wire can be impossible to find though because the insulation may not be broken or it's chafed in one tiny spot. Look also behind both shelves. This will be a tough one.

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I would start by unplugging all but one shelf / Gum unit and see if you still have the problem.


If the problem is still present try again with a different shelf.


If the problem is no longer present add shelves one at a time until you see the problem again.


Then you know what shelf the problem is on. If the problem is on a shelf look closely at the spring steel clips that hold the wires in place.


If the shorted wire is not on a shelf often the problem is because the harness got pinched by the door and 2 it more wires have bare spots touching each other.


Once I found a foil wrapped candy bar impaled on the shelf connector shorting several pins.




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