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My tips to find locations


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Hello,just some tips I want to throw out there.They are basically all based on the same principle,social engineering.

1.Contact large office space location company and find one the owner,the director of tenants services or something like that.That's where it gets difficult.Basically you will be asking him to refer you to some of his customers.But you have to sugar coat it the best you can

and not talk about what he can do for you but what you can do for HIM.Scratch my back and i'll scratch yours.If a 200 employees company is moving in he can in a subtle way ask them if they need refreshment and snack.You place the machines.You give the first month in sales.That's an easy few hundred bucks for him.

2.Contact companies that do esclusively OCS.Often a customer will ask for vending services which they dont do.So try to be friends with them.Buy a coffee machine from the guy.Talk with them.I did amazingly well this way I met a Van Houtte licensed operator ( GMCR ) and this guy get all the coffee machine contracts in downtown Montreal.Bingo.Being friends is not just about money..I offered a money counting machine to a OCS guy and he was really happy of course.He finds a big customer,that's my win too.

3.Get to know as much operator in your area.The reason is about the same as the precedent.I bought a tassimo machine from a full line vending guy and he pleasant to talk too and I saw the opportunity.His company is on the southshore of montreal and he gets lots of call because of referencing on google.Refer me,I will remember you.One week after I got a call from the director of a small call center,too small for the guy apparently.I placed a CS12 there.It makes around 200$ a month and I am really really happy,investment was almost nothing.Cs12 goes for what ? 500$ ?

So do as much networking you can.Here in quebec almost everyone near montreal goes to the same places to buy their stuff and parts or machines.And know the market is different in Usa but I am sure you can find customers the way I did

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