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Some members have had luck with the Dentyne Ice machines in dentists offices. See links below.



I have not tried these but they seem to have mixed reviews. If anything would get you into a dentist office, this will.

Remember, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend dentyne sugar free gum to their patients who chew gum. (I may have the wrong brand in that quote but you get the idea.)



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you can't score if you don't shoot

I agree with you 100% here. It is worth a try. I would call them first (don't let them know who you are) and ask the receptionist what they recomend if you are to chew gum. Then wait a week or two and approch the dentist. This way you have an idea in advance of their recomendations. Offer this as an option along with some toys that will help keep the children occupied while waiting.
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Several customers have reported placing the DI machines in Dentist offices and medical facilities. Most are reporting above avergae results.

I personally work with one Dentist (test market machine) who gives a quarter to his teenage patients to try to promote sugar free gum use with them. He buys the product and then gives some of it away. Other customers and employee's also but from the machine. It averages about $35+ per month. 

BTW, Midwest has a retired Physician (Lady) on staff who has a lot of success locating in medical facilities and hospitals.  Just an fyi.


Steve, spvg

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