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National 431 door alignment

allen watson

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I've got this national 431 that has a sagging door. It takes great effort to close it because it's sagged so far down. Should I try to adjust the legs to get it to a line or should I just put a hydraulic jack underneath it and Jack the crap out of it? If I go for the leg adjustment which leg needs to be higher? I'm leaning more towards the hydraulic jack method myself.

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1 With the door closed level the front to back and side to side.

2 Rock the machine and be certain all 4 legs are on the floor.

3 Then open door 180° from closed position.

4 loosen the bolts on the diagonal brace.

5 Have someone pull down on the far end of the door.

6 Tighten the brace while they are pulling down.


This same system works on 448-548-747 by loosening the panels in front of the refer unit.



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Walt's method is correct though you shouldn't need to pull down on the door.  If this method works like it does on the Rowe cold foods, once you have the cabinet level with the door closed and you then open the door 180 degrees, loosening the diagonal brace should result in a noticeable shift in the cabinet after which you should only need to tighten the brace and then check the door closing alignment.  If it's still not good then double check the cabinet level again with the door closed tight and then repeat the process while you weigh down the end of the door like Walt said.  

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