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Lightning Strike

allen watson

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My outdoor drink machine was struck by lightning 2 weeks ago. It's a Vendo 601. It killed the coin mech which I replaced. I thought I got lucky with just that but yesterday I had 3 sold out columns with motors that had coasted past the notches. After replacing 3 motors all seemed well. Before I left I test vended a few more times only to have it read sold out again. 3e1cfb5c6c63d27cf20593df561ee324.jpgThe motor keeps "coasting" past the notches. When I pull the motor and put it on the machine next to it, it works just fine. So it's not the motor or the switch. Seems like it has to be the harness or the board. I checked the harness from the motors to the connectors at the bottom of the door and from the door to the board and it looked good with no burn marks it bare wires. Could the board have gotten damaged and be causing these symptoms?

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I once had a Vendo 511 that got hit and there was no fixing it. 


Couple of things I would check #1 is replace both fuses on vendor. I once had one I could test vend and it would vend perfectly until I shut the door and then it would say soldout on all columns. I found the fuse had continuity with an ohm meter but must have been damaged so it couldn't carry the full load when door was shut.

Second check STS to make sure it is recognizing all the selections and have a selection button assigned to each column. Could be no assigned button to a column therefore the board won't recognize a motor.


Is it giving any error codes when you open door?    

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