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Cold Drink Machines and Black Widows


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Location complaining about not getting their change back today.


Secretary informed me when she goes to get her morning cold drink she would fine spider web in chute where they fall at.


This is a Royal 650, took off coin chute from door and stuck my fingers into funnel just below coin mech. I could feel some


change being held there, and found it strange. I unplugged machine, unplugged coin mech, loosen the screws and proceeded to 


take coin mech out of machine, looked under it and there is one of the biggest BW spider I've seen in a long time!


I knocked her onto the floor and before I could take a picture of her, one of the warehouse workers stomped her!


I really wanted to show everybody what not to expect in a machine.


So be careful out there!


Yes, it gives change back like it should now!



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